Today in the city Gillespie 24.07.2017
In first debate, Gillespie and Northam tangle over Trump and other issues

The Virginia gubernatorial hopefuls have vastly different views, but they managed to keep a respectful tone during the event.

Virginia Governor's Debate Revolves Around 'Dangerous' Trump

The two major party candidates in Virginia's closely watched race for governor clash at their opening debate over Trump, health care, immigration, and social issues.

Gillespie Has Cash Lead in Early Fundraising Reports

Republican Ed Gillespie is starting the general election campaign for governor with a more than $1.5 million cash advantage over Democrat Ralph Northam.

Amelia Earhart's Disappearance Might Be Even More Complicated Than We Thought

It’s been 80 years since she went missing, but Amelia Earhart is still making an impressive amount of headlines today. A week ago, researchers announced the discovery of a photo showing Earhart alive...

Our enduring obsession with Amelia Earhart's mysterious disappearance

Since 1937, humans have done a lot of amazing things: We put a man on the moon, developed the atomic bomb, eradicated smallpox, invented computers, created the internet, cloned animals, transplanted h...

Former Georgia Southern Coaches Sue for Alleged Fraud, Breach of Contract

Georgia Southern's former co-offensive coordinators, David Dean and Rance Gillespie, have filed lawsuits against head coach Tyson Summers, several school administrators, including athletics direc...

Health Care Questions Enter Virginia Governor's Race

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie is getting questions about health care on the campaign trail. His Democratic rival, Ralph Northam, is also making it a campaign issue.

How Corey Stewart Went Full Troll and Stunned Virginia Politics

When Corey Stewart announced his intention to challenge Ed Gillespie for the Republican Governor of Virginia primary, the establishment GOP cringed.

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